Reflective Gear, Our Picks


Watch for us!

FREE: We will be giving away hundreds of velcro reflective ankle bands for free at the American Fork Half Marathon Expo June 20th, 2014

***Please note we do not sell reflective gear or get any commission off of these links. Links are provided for convience.

Walmart $3.73 

Ikea $3.99

Amphipod 24.95,

Nordic Track $8.50

Arm Bands by Jogalight $6.89 on Amazon

Reflective Belt $7.49 

Sweaty Bands Reflective Headband


Nathan Pink Vest $24

Reflective Ipod Armband $9.95

Amphipod Belts $19.95

Head Sweats $24.99

Kids - Ugly Teeth Tee $30

RelaxReflect Arm Warmers $45.00 Bike $59.00 CrissCross $35 GiantStars Leggin $80

Please consider donating to Your donation will be used to raise awareness and promote reflective gear when running.